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Center for Excellence Science and Technology (CEST)

The Center for Excellence Science and Technology  was initiated with vision of establishing outreach across entrepreneurial support  to start up under Science and Technology boundaries.

CEST seeks to improve how science and technology address societal needs, through research, based service.

The Incubation is a response to an increase in problem-focused research at the interfaces of environment, technology, and policy, and to the growing demand by public and private decision makers for “usable” scientific information In order to bring out better solutions by the start-ups for the growth of country. Our work is often aimed at understanding the choices that start-ups make in pursuing goals under uncertainty, be it an uncertain product designing or uncertain outcomes of investments in science and technology.

By linking integrative science and technology based innovative products which can serve a valuable role in helping the betterment of life in society, and decision makers can more effectively incorporate scientific and technological advances into their decision processes, CEST is committed to support new and innovative start-up

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